American Man Claims Piece Of Africa So His Daughter Can Become Princess

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An American man has claimed a piece of Africa for his daughter to be a princess.
Jeremy Heaton says he travelled from Virginia to an area lying between Egypt and Sudan with his flag to claim it and name it the “Kingdom of North Sudan” so that his daughter’s dream of becoming a princess will be fulfilled.
Mr Heaton said his daughter Emily had expressed a serious desire to be a real life princess and he in line with this started a research to find out if there was any land that did not belong to anyone so he could claim it for her. “I researched pieces of land that were unclaimed and was fortunate to discover it” he told the press.
On the anniversary of Emily’s seventh birthday he trekked to the area known to locals as Bir Tawil to plant his flag which was designed by Emily and claim it for her.
Apparently, the 800 square miles of arid desert has not been claimed by either Sudan or Egypt. A territorial dispute between the two countries makes Bir Tawil one of the last unclaimed areas on planet earth.
Mr. Heaton says he has put official requests in with both nations but, as yet, neither have responded. He says he plans to reach out to the African Union to help legitimize his claim.
He says over the years the tradition of claiming lands by nations has entailed the simple process of planting a flag. He added that such acts were normally accompanied by acts of war, but in this case he is only founding the ‘Kingdom’ out of “love for my daughter”.

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