Soldiers, Police Arrested For Robbing Nigerians In Ghana; Claim They Were Engaged In Cyber Fraud

By Isaac Bediako Justice

ACCRA, Ghana- Two soldiers, a police officer and two others have been remanded into police custody by an Accra Circuit court for allegedly robbing tenants of a household at gunpoint.
The soldiers, Emmanuel Obeng Domson and Obed Kwaku Agamati, together with Ibrahim Iddrisu, the police officer, and Noah Mensah, unemployed, in the company of a driver, Justice Aidoo, were said to have stolen nine laptops, four Nokia mobile phones and monies from six Nigerian tenants at Nungua, a suburb of Ghana’s capital, Accra.
All the accused persons are facing charges of conspiracy to commit crime and robbery.  They have, however, pleaded not guilty to all charges leveled against them, when they appeared before the court, presided over by Mr. Francis Obiri yesterday.
Counsel for the accused persons pleaded with the court to grant them bail on the grounds that they seized the items on the basis that the Nigerians were using them for fraudulent activities.  According to the counsel, his clients should have been charged with unlawful assignment, since they embarked on the operation unassigned, instead of robbery.
On the issue of the driver, he said it would be unfair for the court to remand him, because he was only hired by the soldiers and police to transport them. Judge, Francis Obiri, after hearing the defense counsel however rejected his plea, saying “robbery is not a bailable offense”.
The facts, according to the prosecutor, DSP Derry, was that Ibrahim Iddrisu is a policeman stationed at Airport Police Station, Lance Corporal Emmanuel Obeng Domson, with staff  No. 200214 and Lance Corporal Obed Kwaku Agamati, No. 201081 are soldiers of Ghana Armed Forces whilst Noah Mensah, unemployed, and Justice Aidoo, a taxi driver, are residents of Lashibi and Burma Camp respectively.
He said on June 18, 2014, at about 12:30 am, Ibrahim Iddrisu, dressed in a police uniform with the service’s AK 47 assault rifle No. 6264/1999, loaded with ten rounds of ammunition, accompanied by Emmanuel Obeng Domson and Obed Kwaku Agamati, all dressed in military uniform, and Noah Mensah in police jacket; boarded Justice Aidoo’s taxi and embarked on an “unofficial and unassigned night duty.” DSP Derry said at about 1:30 am, a police patrol team from Nungua received a distress call from Momo Afortey, a witness, reporting a robbery attack in her house at Nungua Barrier.
The police team, he added, rushed to the scene and arrested Emmanuel Obeng Domson, Noah Mensah and Justice Aidoo with nine laptops and four Nokia mobile phones, which they succeeded in seizing from the six Nigerian tenants in the house. He said they (accused persons) claimed the owners used these items for cyber fraud. Ibrahim Iddrisu and Obed Kwaku Agamati however managed to escape.
Ibrahim Iddrisu was later arrested at Lashibi with the help of the Military High Command whilst Obed Kwaku Agamati was arrested on June 23, 2014.  According to DSP Derry, investigations are still ongoing. The accused persons are to reappear in court on July 8, 2014.


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