NPP New York Calls For Unity And Decorum.

As our political party journeys to elect a flagbearer to lead the party to win us political power in 2016, the current internal bickering and outplay of ugly bitterness that have seriously plagued our party, putting us in moral defeat, has literally left many of us abroad worried. The New Patriotic Party is dear to our hearts, and whatever (good or bad) that happens to it has a direct impact on us, as well. And for that matter, the current situation has left us shattered!
The race hasn’t started yet, but we’ve started roughing up ourselves before the whole thing begins. How could the party that has been known to be a leading democratic political party in Ghana do this to itself? Wrestling with ourselves, what are we (the potential winners of the 2016 elections, and forming a more competent government afterwards) telling Ghanaians in whose hands our fate lies?

Looking forward to 2016, there’s no luxury of time to repair damages, and piece together our differences. And we have known up close that we can’t afford to present a party that is cracked apart in an election, and expect a win. How could we bring our noble selves to such a low level?
We’re today spending our time in perpetual motion to destroy ourselves: granting the NDC pillory to damage us in 2016. The impression the infighting is creating is highly unfortunate. How do we sashay our movement before independent voters who hold key votes in the elections? Key votes we need to override the failed NDC party. The country is hurting everywhere. We must think about the long suffering of Ghanaians, devise means of winning power and help uplift them from the unbearable hardships. Let our collective efforts strengthen the party, and forge with voters connection.

We must define ourselves more by what we could prevent than by anything we hope to create: division. This internal election set to be the ultimate heddle to unify the party towards 2016, but not create a wedge among ourselves. We must conduct ourselves in a decorous manner in the best interest of the party. NPP can’t afford to leave a single soul behind; we need everyone one on board for victory, 2016. Although the John Mahama-led NDC has messed up and disappointed the good people of Ghana: creating a sweet opportunity for us to grab, with our conduct today, voters will determine if we truly deserve that mandate.
We can’t gamble with 2016. Unity is key!

Jerry Amponsah (Sabbato)
Communications Director
NPP-New York

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